Impressions of Old Havana Cuba

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Hanging out by the Junction Box – Old Havana Hanging out in the Neighborhood – Old Havana The Robin Egg Henry J – Old Havana Wash Day on the Roof Top  - Old Havana The Green “Studebecker” - Havana The Hat Dance at “Sábado de la Rumba” - La Cuarta Dancers at the “Sábado de la Rumba” – La Cuarta The Pontiac with the Flat Tire - Havana The Future of Cuba  - Old Havana The 57 Chevy - Havana The Havana Skyline from Park Central – Havana The Vegetable Vendor – Central Market –Old  Havana The Bean Vendor – Central Market – Old Havana Double Parked – Old Havana Happy Hour – Old Havana Style The Man and His Havana Cigar – Old Havana The Lady by the Green Curtained Door – Old Havana The Karmann Ghia Sedan – Havana The girl in flat 608 behind the ‘50 Chevy – Old Havana Wash Day in the Courtyard Old - Havana Two Proud Men – Old Havana Dad and the Boys with a Lesson on Skateboarding – Old Havana  The Spiral Stairway – Old Havana The Maravilla (“The Wonder” Has Seen Better Days) – Old Havana