Equipment and Process

All art work has been personally photographed by Al Knight using a Canon 5D digital camera and lenses. All images are captured in “Raw” format and then processed in a “dry dark room” to produce one-of-a-kind originals. Raw images are processed using Adobe Photoshop CS3 Software.

Prints from each original are created on an Epson stylus Photo R2880 giclee photographic printer. Prints are printed on Premium Glossy, Semi-glossy, or Velvet Fine Art Paper using Epson Ultra Chrome K3 Ink. Images printed using these papers and this ink are designed to retain their brilliance for up to 92 years.

Images are matted using 4 or 8 ply conservation quality materials. The preferred mat is white with black core although other combinations are so
metimes used. In all cases, matting materials are acid free or buffered.

To stabilize every print, they are attached via a cold mount process to a 1/8th acid free board. This technique prevents the print from warping when
subjected to ordinary household changes in humidity. (A Smithsonian Museum Standard hinge-mount or corner mount is used when printing on fine art paper.)

When a frame is added, solid Aspen is used and coated with a satin black finish. Non-glare glass is used to reflect the image rather than the room surrounding the image. All framed pieces are sealed using archival backing paper. All framed pieces are ready to hang.

Every piece includes a description of the image and where it was photographed.



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